Supporting Penny Brohn UK Charity

Working in Partnership to “Live Well with Cancer”

Grosvenor Consultancy is delighted to welcome Penny Brohn UK as their chosen charity partner for 2017. Last year they raised more than £8,000 for the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity and they are hoping to be just as successful with their fundraising plans this year.

Penny Brohn UK is a Bristol based charity who help people across the UK live well with the impact of cancer. Founded in 1981 by Penny Brohn and Pat Pilkington, the charity was created to provide, “care for the mind, the spirit, the emotions, the heart and the soul” for people diagnosed with cancer.

By looking at every aspect of a person’s life they help them to become more resilient and able to face whatever life throws at them, with and beyond cancer. They nurture and encourage positive lifestyle changes, helping people regain some control of their health and become actively involved in their own wellbeing. By taking small steps such as learning how to eat well, reduce stress and becoming more physically active, they can make a big difference to how people cope with a cancer diagnosis and their overall health.

Despite costing around £7,000 per day to deliver all their life changing services, Penny Brohn UK provides individual therapy, group support and courses free of charge to anyone over 18 and their supporters. Their services are designed to work at any stage – before, during and after treatment even if the person in currently cancer free.

Ben Olson, Managing Director of Grosvenor Consultancy comments “We are delighted to be supporting Penny Brohn. When it came to selecting a new charity all our staff were unanimous in the decision and we are all relishing the opportunity to help raise some money for them. It is very clear that today everybody has come across a friend or family member that has suffered with a form of cancer and having the support of Penny Brohn is priceless.”

To find out more about the charity please visit their website or come and help support us in our fundraising endeavours.

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