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Here at Grosvenor Consultancy Limited our sole focus is our clients. It is important to us to take the time to discover your aspirations and establish some clear objectives for your financial future.

We create a fully tailored plan which, when agreed with you is implemented and managed by your dedicated financial adviser. However we do not stop there, we are fully committed to ensuring that you continue to be happy with the recommendations we have made, which is why we have an ongoing review process to ensure your plan continues to meet your future needs.


Our initial consultation helps us to determine the depth and breadth of the assistance that you require, establish which service would be most appropriate for you and enables you to meet with a qualified member of our team.

By taking the time to understand your needs and aspirations we can create a structured plan, which takes into account:

  • What is important to you?
  • What you are looking to achieve e.g. what is your vision?
  • What is your personal experience & understanding?
  • What commitment are you prepared to make?
  • What is your current financial situation?


Building and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients is important to us. By working with you and your other trusted professional advisers we can ensure your optimum financial outcome.

At Grosvenor we concentrate on providing advice-based, tax-efficient solutions, which are underpinned by our embedded investment process, designed for asset preservation.

We recognise that financial matters can be complex and often confusing so we are completely committed to providing consistent, quality, on-going service and advice.


We are financial planners, not investment managers.

Once we understand YOUR needs and objectives and have agreement with you around your appetite for risk & reward, we select an investment strategy that is most suitable for you.

To manage YOUR money on a day to day basis, we appoint specialist investment managers. We carry out extensive due diligence to identify investment managers with a proven track record.

Importantly, the managers we recommend will typically use a global, multi-asset approach to produce, strong risk-adjusted returns in keeping with your chosen level of risk.


We live in a world which changes rapidly. This makes reviewing your financial planning vital to achieving your long term objectives.

Our service proposition includes:

  • An annual review meeting as a minimum
  • Regular portfolio valuations
  • On-going investment monitoring
  • New investment opportunity briefings
  • On-going support from our team of advisers and administrators

You will receive a copy of our client agreement which contains details of the costs of our services.

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Financial coaching is an interactive learning experience, uniquely tailored to the client’s needs.

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