Financial Planning – Tips for the future

As I said last month I have seen a definite increase over the past couple of years of people taking stock of their personal and financial arrangements. People’s circumstances have changed; sometimes through choice, sometimes not. There has undoubtedly been a great deal of soul searching, people have reflected on their futures, some have made changes and many have identified

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Seasons greeting

We would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your families a happy and safe Christmas. Grosvenor have decided to send our Christmas wishes electronically this year. In turn all the money we would have spent on cards will be donated to our chosen Charity, Children’s Hospice South West. We hope we can all experience a much happier

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15% fundraising hero

The Grosvenor team were delighted to have recently been recognised by JustGiving (the world’s most trusted platform for online giving) as one of the top 15% of fundraisers on their platform in the last month. This achievement recognises that our charity contributions have exceeded many thousands of others. Fortunately, it is Children’s Hospice South West who benefit the most as

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Why not having all your eggs in one basket makes sense – but not for the reason you think.

Most people would think that when a financial adviser mentions the word diversification, they will be referring to investments, spreading risk that kind of thing. This is true, however this month I am going to talk about diversification of ‘product’. People often ask me what is best, an ISA, a Pension, that kind of question. There is no categoric answer

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Being careful – Don’t fall victim of scams

I was reading a report a few days ago about the extent of financial fraud in the UK. The report was produced by UK Finance – a trade body representing over 300 companies in the UK Banking and Finance sector.  What is clear is that financial fraud has now become so sophisticated that anyone of us, if we are honest,

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Knowing your financial future – 3 out of 4 female BS9 readers may not

The 8th March was International Womens Day and a day or two later I found myself reading a report from Hargreaves Landsdown suggesting only 29% of women have a clear idea of what their pensions are worth, compared to 44% of men and perhaps more worrying about 72% did not have an idea as to how their pension(s) were performing.

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The Return of Inflation – A Lesson From History…Perhaps?

As a financial planner, I help clients in many ways, often using cashflow modelling to provide bespoke pictorial predictions of someone’s financial future to help them work towards their objectives. One metric that I build into the system is Inflation. For years it is has tended to go quite unnoticed with an equivalent annual rate for Consumer Prices Index (CPI),

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Supporting Children’s Hospice South West Again in 2021

Although we are currently sat in a national lockdown, there is optimism and the hope of a light at the end of the tunnel. Saying goodbye to 2020 has been welcomed by all and the thoughts of a prosperous new year is on everybody’s mind. Here at Grosvenor our employees have always been committed to giving a little back and

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Where Do We Go From Here?

As questions go, it’s a short one – just 6 words. However, anyone trying to answer it at the moment, will take a great deal longer, with liberal use of that word, ‘However’ being required! In recent weeks I have thought of COVID 19 and all its implications (not just financial), as being like going into a dark tunnel. For

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Fundraising Efforts Raise Over £2K

During these challenging times the Grosvenor team have continued to keep up with their commitment of raising money for Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW). There has been a great response from the advisers and admin team in completing various endeavours for the 2.6 challenge from a sit up challenge to cycling, walking & yielding a wheelbarrow. In addition the team

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