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Creating Good Money Habits With Your Children

I often deal with several generations in a family in helping them with their financial arrangements and it will come as no surprise to say that often, our children’s approach to money is influenced significantly by our own habits and experiences. Good habits are great, but bad habits can also inherited and that is where we should be most concerned!

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New Year – Why A Review Could Be More Important Than Ever

January for many is a time to think about the year ahead and I was reminded recently why this is so important. Reviews are often about making sure that you and your financial arrangements are well placed for what lies ahead. This is sometimes about making the most of forthcoming opportunities but I wonder whether this year is about making

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Do You Know What Your Financial Future Looks Like?

The sooner you start to think about your retirement, the easier it is to start planning for it. The well publicised increase to flexibility in terms of how you ‘spend’ your pension pot will mean for many a need to get a better understanding of their financial future. In the past one way of releasing income from your pension was

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Inheritance Tax – On The Agenda For The Election?

I’ve helped several clients with Inheritance Tax planning over the past year and 2015 will be no different. The Office of Budget Responsibility predicts it may affect 1 in 10 estates by 2019. It is considered by many to be an unjust tax and it is not just the wealthy that are affected by it. Property price inflation and the

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Worried About The Global Stock Market?

It’s been quite a year for investing in shares. We have not had large gains or significant falls in value, but as you can see from this graph of the FTSE 100, it has been a volatile 12 months with increases in value, followed within weeks by decreases. Clients who remain invested for the longer term can be less concerned

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Changes To ISA’s

Hello NISA – Want A ‘FREE’ £10,000? In the past we have had PEP’s, Tessa’s, ISA’s JISA’s and now NISA’s. It seems every slight variation in rules relating to tax efficient savings plans is accompanied by a new acronym! It’s 27 years since Nigel Lawson, then chancellor, launched PEP’s as a way of investing for your future. 1987 was a

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What’s All This Talk About Lamborghinis

A few weeks ago, the budget left many people surprised at the extent of pension reforms. The newspapers were full of impact headlines suggesting everyone would rush out, blow their pension funds on an Italian supercar and then live off the state! In very simple terms, from next year anyone with a pension could release the entire fund in one

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